Setup Flashback Database on Data Guard Physical Standby Database for SAP Customers

Many studies show that 40% of application outages are caused by operator or user
errors. Making mistakes is just part of being human. But these errors are extremely
difficult to avoid and can be very difficult to recover from without advance planning and
the right technology. Such errors can result in “logical” data corruption or cause one or
more components of the IT infrastructure to cease operating. While it is relatively simple
to rectify the failure of an individual component, detection of and repairs to logical data
corruption, such as accidental deletion of valuable data, is a time-consuming operation
that results in a huge loss in business productivity. Typical user errors may include
accidental deletion of valuable data, deleting the wrong data, and dropping the wrong
table. This paper focuses on the Oracle Database 10g architecture that makes use of the
unique technological advances made in database recovery due to human errors –
Flashback Technology.
Flashback Database quickly rewinds an Oracle database to a previous point in time to
correct any problems caused by logical data corruptions or user errors. Flashback
Database is like a ‘rewind button’ for your database.
It provides database point-in-time recovery without the user first having to restore a
backup of the database. When you eliminate the time it takes to restore a database
backup from tape, database point-in-time recovery is fast. The Flashback Database
capability, accessible from both RMAN and SQL*Plus using the FLASHBACK
DATABASE command, is similar to conventional point-in-time recovery in its effects.
It allows you to return a database to its state at a time in the recent past.


Enabling Flashback Database functionality provides the following benefits.
• Eliminate the time required to restore a backup. When a database is down because it
runs into a catastrophic problem, millions of dollars in revenue is lost because a
company can no longer operate.
• Eliminate redo apply delay on standby database. Flashback Database is seamlessly
integrated with Data Guard. A standby database can now be quickly and easily
flashed back to any point in time so there is no need for a delay in the redo apply.
• Unanticipated error correction. Flashback Database provides a continuous snapshot of
the Oracle database. The database can be rewound back to an SCN or timestamp.