This dashboard show main key figures for COVID deaths wordwide and the evolution of number of deaths.

Filtering data using continent/area and country map to see the evolution of number of deaths and letality  for the whole area selected

For the moment data are refreshed weekly

sources data from google public dataset : they made a pivot of John Hopkins University covid csse data.

Select statement made on the Google Big Query public dataset
  covid.country_name AS country_region,,
  MAX(cumulative_confirmed) AS confirmed,
  MAX(cumulative_deceased) AS deaths,
  MAX(cumulative_recovered) AS recovered,
  SUM(new_deceased) as new_deceased,
  SUM(new_recovered) as new_recovered,
  SUM(new_confirmed) as new_confirmed
  `bigquery-public-data.covid19_open_data.covid19_open_data` covid
WHERE covid.subregion1_name IS NULL