The Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) provides independent estimates of the global anthropogenic emissions and emission trends, based on publicly available statistics, for the atmospheric modeling community as well as for policy makers. This scientific independent emission inventory is characterized by a coherent world historical trend from 1970 to year x-3, including emissions of all greenhouse gases, air pollutants and aerosols, this article focus on Methane Gaz Emissions.

Data are presented for all countries, with emissions provided per main source category, and spatially allocated on a 0.1×0.1 grid over the globe

I decided to try to chart/map Methane Gaz Emission that have between 28 and 80 the warming power of the CO2 (depending the source). It would be about 25% of the global warming impact

This is the first version of the dashboard. I will add timeseries to display the evolution of methane emissions in futures versions.