From version 11.2 to the 23c version oracle database have more than 1600 features. This dashboard try to give you a vision of Oracle database features evolution and the ability to quick search over them. The data comes from here

How to use the Oracle database features evolution dashboard

The dashboard is dynamic, so if you want to focus on a version, just clic on one of the 2 top bar charts to filter one or more version (using CTRL+Clic or long clic and multi-selections).


You can have feature title and description by using a mouse over a little square in the New Features Detail pannel.


To release filter just re-click on the version.

You can also filter on a main area by clicking on one (or more) main area in the donut chart.

Finally you can search inside all the features title, description, main area or sub area using free text search at the top right

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