Tableau 2022 Optimize Workbook Feature : first test

« Optimize Workbook » is a new feature of Tableau 2022.1. The idea behind this feature is to provide and checks good/bad practices on your workbooks before publication. BI tools can be complex to optimized when many calculated fields, sheets and dashboards composed a workbook. I think this is a great idea, so i tested it and compare it to our 23 checks we already propose.

Let’s have a look on this new and promising feature :

The feature is really easy to use and fast, even on big workbooks (more that 100 sheets)

Tableau 2022 Optimize Workbook Feature in Action

The Tableau 2022 Optimize Workbook feature in action with a simple workbook

Currently 12 checks are done by the Tableau 2022 Optimize Workbook Features

2022 Optimize Workbook 6 first on 12 Checks
2022 Optimize Workbook 6 second part on 12 Checks

For each topic a link… but infortunatly the link redirect root website where we could expect a technical article about the topic. May be in the next version…

Our 25 Tableau Dashboards and Datasources Best Practices

On our side we have listed 25 good or bad practices for Tableau dashboards and datasources, resumed in this viz.

Warm tones icons will send you directly on article for a deeper explanation if you click on it. But you can just mouse-over each one to see a summary off the topic.

May be one day, theses ones will enforced the 12 ones of the « Optimize Workbook » official feature !



The feature is an excellent idea and a good starting point. More and more checks will surely be added and may be (I hope) custom checks may appear in futures versions.