Snowflake TPCH SF100 Results

TPCH with Snowflake : SF100

Snowflake is a fantastic Datawarehouse and Datalake SaaS Solution ! Very easy to use, scale, develop with and continuously integrate data inside of it central storage is quite fun. But what about performance ? Snowflake have a really good reputation…

TPCH SF10 Dashboard Comparison

TPCH SF10 : Tableau Hyper Engine vs DuckDB vs Snowflake vs BigQuery vs Databricks vs SingleStore

After a first try with TPCH SF10 using DuckDB on 2 differents laptops and compare parquet storage vs native storage (see TPCH SF10 using DuckDB vs SnowFlake, Bigquery, SingleStore and Databricks) I would like to try th Hyper Engine used by Tableau…